• Zhanatas Wind-Power Station

    Limited Liability Partnership
  • Zhanatas Wind-Power Station

    Limited Liability Partnership

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Zhanatas Wind-Power Station LLP (Zhanatas Wind-Power) is a wholly foreign-owned company jointly established by CPIH and Visor for the development, construction and operation of the 100MW Wind-Power Station Project to be located in Zhanatas, Sагysu District, Zhambyl.


The project site is to be located at the hilly area 9km south of Zhanatas at 69.53–69.85 degrees east longitude and 43.41–43.59 degrees north latitude, with a site area of 233 hectares. The total investment is USD 160 million, of which 70% is made by loan from a consortium of international financial institutions. As one of the first batch of important energy projects in China-Kazakhstan Energy Production List, the project is planned to involve 40 2.5MW wind turbine units and electrical equipment, including a booster station and a complex building. The new installed capacity in this phase is 100MW, and 40 EN121-2.5 wind turbine units will be installed. Connection will be made to Opornaya transformer substation owned by KEGOC through the out-going one-circuit 110kV line from the 110kV booster station of the wind farm. The newly-built 110kV line is 8.5km long.


Technology Applied for Project and Influence on Environment Wind power generation is a means to produce clean and pollution-free renewable energy by converting natural wind into mechanical energy and then into electricity, without damaging or polluting the environment. The wind power generation units are to be installed in open areas in the unused waste land. In addition, the base of each unit only occupies a small area, with no impact on local ecological environment. Wind is a renewable energy that can be utilized in large scale to significantly reduce the use of primary energy (such as coal, oil and natural gas), thus controlling the ecological problems including pollutant emission, plant destruction and adverse effect on marine ecology due to exploitation of those primary resources. Under the situation that the global environmental protection problem is becoming more and more prominent, making full use of renewable energy will not produce pollutants such as smoke, SO2, greenhouse gas and waste water while providing new power supply, and will not cause irrecoverable damage to the nature due to exploitation, which brings prominent environmental benefits. It is expected that, after completion and operation, the project will provide clean power for the electricity grid. The construction of the project has positive effect on environment protection and reduction of air pollution, and will become another driver for local economy due to the significant energy-saving and social benefits.

Social Benefits

of project

As one of the first batch of important energy projects in China-Kazakhstan Energy Production List, and the only large scale wind power project under construction in Zhambyl region, Zhanatas Wind-Power Station Project, will bring great social and economic benefits to the country, especially to Zhambyl region. Zhanatas Wind-Power Station Project will produce 350 million kilowatt-hours of electricity per year, which can meet the power demand of millions of families in Kazakhstan. After official operation, the project will directly improve the current situation of power shortage in the southern Kazakhstan, bring visual improvement to people's life and elevate the investment and benefit of various infrastructures and industrial and mining enterprises indirectly; compared with other coal-fired power plant with the same capacity, the project can save 109,500 tons of standard coal, and reduce emissions of SO2 by 1031 tons, NOx by 934 tons, CO2 (greenhouse gas) by 289,000 tons, smoke dust by 322 tons, and ash by 32,900 tons. It will not only contribute to Kazakhstan's development of electric power industry that can provide 100% sufficient power to its domestic use by 2020 and the realization of 3% installed renewable energy by 2020; but will also make a good demonstration for Kazakhstan's environmental protection and decarbonization.


The international standard EIAreports for Zhanatas Wind-Power Station Project have been completed and disclosed here.

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Republic of Kazakhstan, Zhambyl region, Sarysu district, Zhanatas city, microdistrict 1, building 18/4, office 10,11

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